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Fireup: Complete Online CAT Preparation

FireUp’s e-CAT Prep Material

§   Quantitative Reasoning – We starts from the basic fundamentals in all topics and progress to tougher questions. Our main tenet is speed with accuracy. We strengthen mental arithmetic and help in quick calculations by Vedic mathematics and shortcuts.

§   Verbal Reasoning - Our grammar and vocabulary lessons will do wonders to your language skills and enrich your vocabulary.

§   Reading comprehension - We enable the students to augment their reading speed, recall value and comprehension through speed reading, memory techniques and cue cards respectively.

§  Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency - We excel you in IQ tests, Vedic Maths to enhance your eye for details and faster calculation, that is, the art of approximation.

§   Logical, Critical & Analytical Reasoning - Logical reasoning questions and theory is prepared keeping in mind various mind tools.

Each sub-module has several chapters and it consists of both study material and comprehensive tests. Our paid users get access to the ask-doubt facility. All your queries will be answered in less than a day.

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How to improve your vocabulary? | 07.08.11      
  Very often we find the people around us have a real good knowledge of English and we feel shy and unsure about our English vocabulary. Believe me many people I know have faced it at some point in  
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Data Sufficiency Questions | 22.08.11      
  Directions for next 4 Questions: In each data sufficiencyquestions there are two statements: A and B. Choose [a] if the question can be answered by one of the statements alone but not by the  
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Sample Verbal Questions | 20.08.11      
  Sample Verbal Questions- Directions for next 5 sample verbal questions: For each of the verbal questions given below select the best option from the answers given. 1. In 1988, 50 people with  
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Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shillong    |   Shillong  

With the launch of the 7th Indian Institute of Management (RGIIM) ... 

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