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Dear Aspirants,

Welcome to the new world of FireUp.

“All time management begins with planning.”

So folks it’s time to have just one focus – CAT 2009. Dream, think, eat, sleep, live   CAT and only CAT. This is your golden opportunity to make yourself a part of the most coveted IIMs and other prestigious MBA schools.

Two things that come to my mind that are absolute imperatives in making your journey a success: Goal clarity; Dedication and discipline towards the goal.

 To begin with, know your dreams and visualize them. Just visualize yourself entering the gates of IIMs and within a few years you are bagging the most lucrative career through the placement process at the IIM. So it’s the perfect time to build a strong foundation of our dreams. It’s your golden chance to hit the bird’s eye.

Though the test is in November, it is wise to begin the preparation before hand. You will have ample time to go through the fundamentals, time to practice, experiment with the tests, analyze your strategies and finally you can tune your strategies.

Get UP, FIRE UP today this very moment as the time is ticking away.

“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.”

May the best happen to you.

Vineet Patawari




If yes. Let’s get going today itself. People generally spend most of the time planning instead of executing their plans. You have to manage your schedules in such a way that you can make the most of it.

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.”

Let me help you a bit in getting started.

1.  Finish fundamentals first

 May, June and July are the months for the fundamentals. For late starters, fundamentals should be completed latest by mid- September.

You should put in equal effort in Quantitative aptitude, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension and Data Interpretation. You should not try to take short-cuts as there is no substitute to the fundas.

2.  Revision

Revision should occur across your entire study schedule. Slot some hours every week for revision. When you revise you should plan for cumulative revision of all the topics you have completed till the day.


3.  Test-taking

CAT is not about solving a problem. It is about choosing the best alternative among the choices given. Regular test-taking with time limits help tremendously in improving test-taking skills. The stamina for taking these tests will have be built gradually. Try the sectional tests first and then jump in for the mock CAT tests. Remember, this section is not only about taking the tests seriously. There is much more to it. Make sure you take a test , analyze it sincerely , revise the fundamentals, rectify your mistakes , then and only then you should move ahead to take another test.


4.  Analyzing the tests

Each test calls for an in-depth analysis to be aware of your strong and weak areas. A 1 hour test needs an analysis of at least 2 hours. The new short cuts and formulas given in the solutions, difficult words encountered , etc, should be taken into account before you move ahead. After each test identify and rectify your mistakes that you make.

5.  Mental preparation

Self-belief is very very essential and it can easily be worked upon at an individual level using one’s own time-tested ways and on a daily basis. Dream about you Dream institute day in and day out and tell yourself that you will make it. Always remember that    Difficulties exist to be surmounted” 

“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”


Myth vs. Realities


The IIMs are the “Most Coveted” and “Most Dreaded” institutes in India. There are many reasons for this unnecessary fear. We would like to help you get out of some of these fears if you have one.







“CAT is cracked only by geniuses. It is not for me”

 First of all, it is important to know that CAT or any other MBA exam is a test of aptitude which follows a particular examination pattern. The test includes school level Mathematics and English usage. Although you need the basic aptitude to succeed but even an average student can come out with flying colors with well planned and perfectly executed efforts.

“CAT is about academics. I must have high percentage even to think about IIMs”

An IIM is not only about academics alone. Though it is very true that a sound academic qualification gives your CV an upper hand but what b-schools look is overall personality, which includes general awareness, clarity of thoughts and vision, communication skills, etc. In essence, they are assessing a potential manager in you.

“I must study 10-12 hours a day for the next 6 months to get a descent CAT score”

CAT preparation is about consistent efforts on a daily basis rather than marathon efforts with long gaps in between. Perhaps, 2-4 hours of hard work on a daily basis will suffice. Remember the number varies from person to person. It is not the number of hours of study matters. What is most important is the approach in these hours of hard work.

“IIMs are the only best B-schools in India

The latest Outlook survey has come out with a list on the top management schools beside IIMs.


XLRI is one such school worth considering. Known for its human resource courses, to get into XLRI, which has 120 seats, you have to clear a special entrance test.


If you are interested in trade and marketing then the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade or IIFT [Intake 130 students]is a good option. IIFT also conducts its own entrance test and is among a few colleges that tests GK in its written test.


If you have two or more years of work experience and are looking for a shorter course then
Indian Business School or ISB might be what you are looking for.


Engineers looking for a management degree can apply to National Institute of Industrial Engineering or NITIE [Intake 180 students].

If finance is your forte, then consider Faculty of Management Studies or FMS.

Interestingly four out of the five good B-schools beside IIMs take tests other than CAT for admissions. So, even though you must make all efforts to bell the CAT, do know all's not lost if you are unable to do so.



Weekly Planner


This weekly planner may help you in taking a systematic approach during your CAT 09 preparations. Plan only for the immediate week and not the entire month. Tick the box if you are able to complete it within the scheduled time.





English Usage & Vocabulary


Quantitative Aptitude



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