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Why Fireup for Online CAT Preparation?

Fireup e-CAT Test Papers – a test drive for success!

1. CAT 2012 Study Material - It prepares you for online CAT 2011

2. CAT Questions - The Tests have a standard of questions that is very close to the actual CAT questions and the learning that one can derive by working them out would be immense.

3. Prepares you for surprises - There is enough variation in the Sectional and Mock CAT Full Length Tests to give you a cutting edge for the inconsistencies in the pattern of CAT exam.

4. Online CAT Preparation - It sets the stage to gives you practice in time-management and stress-management skills so vital to your success on CAT Day

5. Benchmarks your performance - It gives you a national percentile ranking and provides a detailed analysis of your performance to help you benchmark your performance

FireUp’s e-CAT Prep Material

1. Quantitative Reasoning – We starts from the basic fundamentals in all topics and progress to tougher questions. Our main tenet is speed with accuracy. We strengthen mental arithmetic and help in quick calculations by Vedic mathematics and shortcuts.

2. Verbal Reasoning - Our grammar and vocabulary lessons will do wonders to your language skills and enrich your vocabulary.

3. Reading comprehension - We enable the students to augment their reading speed, recall value and comprehension through speed reading, memory techniques and cue cards respectively.

4. Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency - We excel you in IQ tests, Vedic Maths to enhance your eye for details and faster calculation, that is, the art of approximation.

5. Logical, Critical & Analytical Reasoning - Logical reasoning questions and theory is prepared keeping in mind various mind tools.

Each sub-module has several chapters and it consists of both study material and comprehensive tests. Our paid users get access to the ask-doubt facility. All your queries will be answered in less than a day.

Special Features

The course curriculum starts right from the basic concepts with solved conceptual examples to ensure that your fundamentals are really strong. Additionally the study material is power-packed with tips, tricks, short-cuts and intuitive performance-accelerators.

The next level is practice, practice and more practice to make your preparations perfect. Basic and Advanced CAT-Level Concept, Section and Module Practice Tests consolidate your concept application, enhance your topic-wise proficiency and help you to develop your speed and improve accuracy. An exhaustive Question Bank gives you scope for unlimited practice and makes you at ease with various types of questions.

The integrated 'Ask Doubt', feature, score analysis, online discussions with mentors and peers, buddy system, online competitions and other value-add features promote facilitated interactive and collaborative learning.

Having built your competencies, you are now ready to test the waters. The all-India synchronized Mock CAT Test Series and other full length tests with CAT-like variations give you a feel of the CAT exam many times before the actual CAT exam and strengthen your online test-taking skills.

A detailed personalized analysis of test performance across different test-taking parameters enables you to identify your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses, benchmark your performance and to form and perfect your strategy for score optimization and success in the CAT.

You are now ready to crack the CAT and make your dreams come true!!!